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Health Care
Bullet Remove the wet clothes from the body.
Bullet Provide warmth to the person by covering the body.
Bullet Remove mud, grass, etc. from the nose and mouth.
Bullet Apply pressure on his back which will force out water from stomach and lungs.
Bullet If available, provide him with oxygen.
Bullet If pulse is not palpable an external cardiac massage should be given .
Bullet Try to maintain the respiration with artificial respiration methods discussed below.
Methods :
Bullet Schaffer's prone pressure method: make the person lie on his stomach . stretch both his arms above his head. keep his face turned on one side . now person administering artificial respiration should place his palm on the lowest ribs on either side of the patient and gradually bend his body forward. the chest should be kept pressed for 2-3 seconds. now he should withdraw his body backwards and release the pressure applied. repeat the above procedure 10-12 times per minute for a number a times till lungs start functioning on their own.
Bullet Mouth to mouth breathing: make the patient lie down on his back. open his mouth with one hand and cover it with a piece of cloth. the person administering artificial respiration should now take a deep breath and seal his lips around the patient's lips and breath out slowly and steadily. repeat this as required.
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