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Health Care
TYPES: poisoning due to consumption of liquids such as insecticides,acids;due to exposure to fumes; due to animal bites such as snake bites etc.
General measures:
Bullet If the poisioning is due to ingestion ,remove the poisoned clothes and wash the affected part thoroughly with soap and water.
Bullet If person is unconscious check whether he is breathing or not. if not then provide him with artificial breathing(refer to methods discussed under topic drowning).
Bullet If person is conscious give him one to two glasses of fluid like water/milk to drink to decrease the irritative effect of poison.
Bullet Poisoning due to toxic fumes: the first step is to remove the patient from the source.
Bullet Poisoning due to animal bites:
Bullet Reassure the patient that every snake is not poisonous.
Bullet Make the patient lie down.
Bullet Apply tourniquet near the affected part towards the heart. The tourniquet should be removed intermittently.
Bullet Make a small cut at the site of bite with a sterilized blade or knife and suck up the poison with a hollow sterilized pipe.
Bullet Do not allow the person to sleep. Give him some stimulating drinks such as tea/coffee.
Bullet Take him to the nearest health centre to provide him with antisnake venom. The snake if available should be identified and preserved. If the snake is dead it should be carried to the hospital along with patient.
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